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An Emerging label that merges elegance and amenity into their designs, keeping in mind what contemporary women and men want to have in their wardrobes. With a soft-spot towards rich and lustrous fabrics that are not just kind to the skin but also dapper for the occasions. We create timeless pieces that are classy and versatile through our exquisite embroidery and textures. We also believe that, one-style does not fit all and today everyone on a constant Journey of self-discovery, and we believe that there’s no greater expression of that than your wardrobe.So everything we do will always be about you.

Letter from Akhilaa 

Akhilaa Akurathi

Inspired by Shakespeare's words, "All the world's a stage," I see real people as my runway models, each a canvas for my unique designs.Trust me when I say, I do it for the twinkle in my clients' eyes when they see their visions woven into reality and worn by them!  Beginning my journey in Apparel Design and Production at Oklahoma State University(USA), I interned with prestigious brands like Shirya Som(IND), Klim (USA), and Linda ASAF Design(USA). Winning awards and showcasing my designs in university shows fueled my dedication. In 2018, I launched my label in Vizag, focusing on responsible luxury and slow fashion. Expanding to Hyderabad, I now dress celebrities for major award shows. Each piece bearing the Akhilaa Akurathi label is meticulously crafted, reflecting the wearer's essence.  With attention to detail, I ensure my creations are not just clothing but forms of self-expression and empowerment.

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