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At the young age of 17 years, following her dream and passion for fashion, she decided to pursue her bachelor’s of Apparel Design and production at the Oklahoma state university in the United States. Her passion for fashion led her to win numerous awards at college, including first place in the Wins of Hope non-textile garment competition, the prize for the most marketable collection in 2016, and the prize for the most inventive and creative collection in 2017.

She was able to build the required skills and expertise to fuel her career as a Fashion Designer by interning at high-end fashion businesses, custom labels, and functional designers.

“Akhilaa Akhurathi is my way of giving back to my community.”- Akhilaa Akurathi


Akhilaa Akurathi is an apparel designer who started her studio in Vizag in 2018 with just one master and five workers. She offers ready-to-wear, bespoke evening dresses and gowns that exude elegance, and tailored ethnic wear. Due to an increase in client demand for designs, the studio was relocated to Hyderabad in late 2021.

The designer aspires to infuse clothing with beautiful colors and fascinating textiles, resulting in timeless pieces. Her creativity creates a modern contemporary language, as well as clothing, particularly evening wear, that is rich in quality, color, and finesse, with generous use of embellishments. The designer is one of the few labels in Hyderabad that has hit the appropriate balance in today's market while also receiving swift acclaim for her imaginative yet practical designs.


“The drive behind starting my studio was a lack of inhouse designer studio in Vizag, I wanted to

provide women with luxury pret, evening wear and indo-western couture all produced and made to

measure in house.”  -AKHILAA AKURATHI

Akhilaa Akurathi is an esoteric but globally influenced designer. The designers strive to create clothing that is both comfortable and useful while also making the wearer feel distinctive. She envisions a lady from any region of the world wearing the brand's garments and feeling confident and self-assured. As a result, she makes more A-line silhouettes that are suitable for all body types since she wants everyone to find something in her collections that suits them.

When it comes to inspiration, the designers strive to convey a new story each season that not only thrills their customers but also excites the company. Evening party which is the most booming trend in India today is taken as the key inspiration, whether it is the bachelor party of India or the Soiree party for France. Every season gives new opportunities to experiment with different techniques and patterns. They take a texture, drape, or embroidery and adjust it in their unique style to modernize and commercialize it on a global scale. Strong textures, such as ruching, pleats, appliqué, hand embroidery, gathers, and so on, are other features that identify the brand.

Akhilaa Akurathi's approach to developing her brand is based on her concern for the quality of her resources, the long-term viability of her production lines, and the preservation of workmen and women. Because of her high-quality apparel, the brand enjoys a good reputation. Working with hand and machine embroideries, as well as experimenting with new materials and techniques each season, can be difficult, but the delicate intricacies and precision in construction are never missed.

The brand strives to make the most use of its resources by designing eye-catching collections for the focused audience and producing fewer items to make each design count. Also, the brand has taken it a step further and started making tea coasters, mats, and pet toys out of fabric scraps. The brand's main goal is to create comfortable and stylish garments for everyday use, not just for editorials. Their design has a timeless quality to it while still including features that are relevant to the present.

The brand's target audience is someone who respects and values both creativity and excellence. They find their customer in a cosmopolitan lady who carries herself with confidence and style. The brand's lady belongs to a broad age group of 16 to 40 years who has an eye for detail and seeks new components since the outfits are fashionable and decent.

*Mostly the brand makes custom fitted/ bespoke outfits.

The brand is located in one of Hyderabad's most popular areas. The brand's workspace consists of eight rooms, each with its own space for each task. The main studio and the designer's and her team's workspaces are linked to support the brand's efficient operation.

Design, combined with quality, aesthetics, and perfect fit, according to the designer, are outcomes of talents and wisdom passed down through centuries in India. The brand Akhilaa Akurathi has always embraced this not just in any common way but also by upcycling old sarees. The brand believes in creating clothing that fits any body type, making one appear perfect keeping focus more on jewel tones and evening attire.

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